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FEPSim® 1000 - Vertical

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Both FEPSim ® 1000 models:

  • Address target muscle groups and movements
  • Focus on flexibility, strength, and functional independence
  • Accommodate Telehealth treatment
  • Come with standard attachments that are interchangeable between models
  • Have standardized resistance levels, trackable range of motion, and repetition counters
  • Are ideal for both remote and Telehealth treatments


  • Lightweight: ~ 10 lbs, 4.5 kg (includes standard attachments and storage base)
  • Base for storing unit and attachments
  • Secure to any smooth, flat surface
  • Easily disinfected
  • Can use seated or standing
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Patent Pending

Exclusive Rebates for Canadian Customers

We are offering substantial rebates on a Vertical or Horizontal FEPSim; or one for the complete FEPSim System.

Exclusively for our Canadian customers.

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