About Us

FEPSIm is a product of KARMA MEDICAL

the why

we can build something better

With One Clear Goal: Assist Patients in Gaining Flexibility, Strength, and Functional Independence.

“We care about improving the quality of life for individuals of every age and stage. It’s that simple.”

Melissa Short
KARMED Co-Founder and Therapeutic Director.

the who

karma medical

We are a Canadian medical design and manufacturing company based in Edmonton, Alberta. KARMED collaborates directly with Canadian medical partners to develop innovative products that solve advanced challenges. The KARMED team is comprised of physical therapists, engineers and designers … all dedicated to meaningful work.

“We make it our business to completely understand the end-user and then we create a realistic pathway to building something that can impact lives.”

Darryl Short
KARMED Co-Founder

the what

The new Standard in therapy

FEPSim® was born out of an expressed need, witnessed by a team of expert upper extremity therapists. Having identified the burgeoning number of disabilities related to the hand, wrist, and forearm, and the clear lack of progressive rehabilitative devices, the combined Glenrose/ KARMED team, along with the University of Alberta committed to determining the specific requirements for hand rehabilitation. Once those needs were clear, proofing out a practical design spec validated demand and commercialization of the product.

“As therapists and medical staff, we’re serious about wanting to help people get past injuries and issues that limit their functionality and mobility,”

Melissa Short
KARMED Co-Founder, and Therapeutic Director.


focused refinement

Prototype 1

First iteration was heavy, clumsy, and not designed for the masses.

All plastic parts 3D printed. Metals machined manually.

Some purchased parts that didn’t quite fit.

Therapist feedback was taken and then integrated into Prototype 2

Prototype II + III

Therapists wanted a base to store accessories in.

Quick shift adapter to change from one resistance to the next

All plastics 3D printed. CNC machined medical grade stainless.

Still using off the shelf parts and still heavy (25-30 lbs)

Prototype IV

Milestone | Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital purchases 20 units to conduct Clinical Study.

Storage base now houses FEPSim

Qualitative Study leads to more improvements.

Prototype V

Milestone | Complete redesign for production

Over 95% of parts manufactured in-house
Combination of Aluminum, Stainless Steel Now lighter, <10lbs>
Injection Molds designed and prototypes 3D printed
Vertical version created
More accessories designed and 3D printed
More clinic visits and therapist feedback.