One Clear Goal: Assist Patients in Gaining Flexibility, Strength, and Functional Independence.

As part of that goal, our entire team at KARMED is committed to creating products that are relevant, proven, and required.

For us, it’s all about providing a solution for a need, and our concept-to-consumer process is rooted in front-line collaboration. Development with industry partners is key as we balance creativity, practicality, functionality, and viability.

“Collectively, we’re a group of hands-on innovators who manage the entire product cycle from prototype iterations through full-scale manufacturing, testing, approvals, and the ever-important user experience,”

Darryl Short
KARMED Co-Founder 

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, KARMED is proud to collaborate with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, widely respected as a primary centre of clinical research and innovation in North America.

“We make it our business to completely understand the end-user and then we create a realistic pathway to building something that can impact lives.”

Darryl Short
KARMED Co-Founder


FEPSim® was born out of an expressed need, witnessed by a team of expert upper extremity therapists. Having identified the burgeoning number of disabilities related to the hand, wrist, and forearm, and the clear lack of progressive rehabilitative devices, the combined Glenrose/ KARMED team, along with the University of Alberta committed to determining the specific requirements for hand rehabilitation. Once those needs were clear, proofing out a practical design spec validated demand and commercialization of the product.

“As therapists and medical staff, we’re serious about wanting to help people get past injuries and issues that limit their functionality and mobility,”

Melissa Short
KARMED Co-Founder, and Therapeutic Director.

FEPSim is a completely unique device designed by therapists to assist others in positively impacting patient outcomes.

“We care about improving the quality of life for individuals of every age and stage. It’s that simple.”

Melissa Short
KARMED Co-Founder and Therapeutic Director.